How to build, grow and monetize your network with podcasting - Udemy $10 course 100% Off

Land better deals, enhance your business development + earn more income by growing your personal network with podcasting

In this podcasting course you will learn:
- Where to find amazing people for your network
- How to develop a network growing strategy
- Why podcasting is so powerful when it comes to networking
- Why having your own podcast can be a game changer
- How to become a guest on other peoples shows
- Where to find experts and thought leaders as well as influencers
- How to approach potential people for your network
- How to built meaningful relationships that can take your business to the next level
- How to profit long term from your business relationships
- How to maintain the relationships you are building

Get an understanding on what podcasting can do for building your business network and how to approach it.

You will learn the power to leverage your own platform and opening up new opportunities.

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